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IPFN production is focused on Custom Design allowing IPFN to be a customer's partner in the search for the most performing solutions. Feel free to contact us you are beginning a new project requiring a completely new design. IPFN would be pleased to help you at any stage of your project. In our catalogue you can find the products that are ready to integrate your most demanding projects.


This ATCA double width blade comprises an uATX/ATX PC motherboard, a carrier board and a rear transition module mechanically connected together. The carrier board makes the interface between the ATCA fabric channels (x4 full-duplex PCIe) and the PC motherboard (x16 full-duplex PCie) through PCI Express low latency switches. The rear transition module is a high efficiency power supply for the uATX/ATX PC motherboard.

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The card provides 32 analog input channels (digitizer/transient recorder) and 8 analog output channels (waveform generator). Different types of carrier boards and rear transition modules can be used.

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Digital pulse processing (DPP) systems are known to have better performance than analog ones. DPP can synthesize almost any pulse response shape without the associated signal degradation which happens in a complex analog path. High-speed transient recorders with auto-trigger functionality are used to digitize and store the detailed shape of pulses. Algorithms for Pulse Height Analysis (PHA) and Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) are then applied to the digitized pulses on (re-)programmable devices such as FPGAs, DSPs and GPP for data reduction and real-time monitoring.

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