ATCA portal These are the search results for the query, showing results 31 to 45. grs xml No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T12:08:27Z Image JET Vertical Stabilization system The JET Vertical Stabilization project provides a good example where demanding requirements from a fusion experiment (JET) have driven the adoption of ATCA based solutions. No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T09:47:05Z Page ATCA vs Others No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T09:31:38Z Image ATCA is at the chasm No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T02:30:02Z Image Noticias No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T02:10:27Z Folder Why the next-Generation Electronics Standards for Physics is required for Nuclear Fusion A short presentation about the need for ATCA No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T01:54:44Z File Other Developments Related developments made at IPFN No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T01:28:03Z Folder Documentation No publisher bruno 2009-09-01T23:32:45Z Folder Success Cases No publisher bruno 2009-09-01T22:19:49Z Folder Meet the team No publisher bruno 2009-09-01T22:13:26Z Page IPFN joins the PICMG ATCA Committee IPFN is now an Executive member of the PICMG ATCA Committee, together with several companies and research institutions, contributing with its fusion related experience to the efforts to standardize ATCA Instrumentation. No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T02:07:47Z News Item IPFN logo No publisher bruno 2009-06-08T15:19:31Z Image site images No publisher bruno 2009-06-03T21:18:04Z Folder Contact Us No publisher bruno 2009-06-03T20:24:56Z Folder IPFN student awarded with 1st prize of IEEE-NPSS RT2009 Outstanding Student Awards André Neto won the prize with its work "MARTe : a Multi-platform Real-time Framework" during the conference held in Beijing, China on 11-15 May 2009. No publisher bruno 2009-09-02T01:10:40Z News Item