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JET Vertical Stabilization system
The JET Vertical Stabilization project provides a good example where demanding requirements from a fusion experiment (JET) have driven the adoption of ATCA based solutions.
JET Neutron Neutron cameras/ Gamma-ray detectors Data Acquisition System
Another important requirement to modern data acquisition systems for fusion experiments is the capacity for real-time pulse processing. Such demand is required to reduce the amount of raw data stored in the experimental databases and will become particularly necessary for steady-state experiments such as ITER.
COMPASS Tokamak Control and Data Acquisition System
For the COMPASS Tokamak, currently being installed in Prague, Czech Republic, its whole control and data acquisition system is being redesigned and built from scratch based also on the ATCA standard.
JET Gamma ray spectroscopy at high rate and high energy resolution.
New gamma spectrometers have been developed for JET. The detectors are based on: i) High Purity Germanium semiconductor and ii) LaBr3 scintillator (featuring very good light yield and fast time decay). The TRP module is used to collect data from the LABr3 scintillator .
ISTTOK Control and Data Acquisition
ISTTOK have been refurbished with a complete ATCA data acquisition system based on IPFN solutions. The new system was built to accommodate new features on the feedback control of the machine.

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