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JET Gamma ray spectroscopy at high rate and high energy resolution.

New gamma spectrometers have been developed for JET. The detectors are based on: i) High Purity Germanium semiconductor and ii) LaBr3 scintillator (featuring very good light yield and fast time decay). The TRP module is used to collect data from the LABr3 scintillator .

The gamma ray spectrometry project recently financed within the JET EP2 enhancement program is an upgrade of the existing gamma ray spectrometers at JET. The new spectrometer diagnostic is located on the roof lab replacing the existing two gamma spectrometer in use in the roof lab. The 2 gamma spectrometers have complementary performance,  a high energy resolution HPGe spectrometer and one high efficiency, high rate spectrometer with large detection crystal made from LABr3. The key figure of merit of this enhancement is the count rate capability which shall exceed 0.5 MHz before pile-up and gain drifts take place affecting detector response. These effects will be controlled using a suitable data acquisition system in order to face the expected total throughput of 2 MHz of total count rate of which a variable fraction will be from useful gamma events.

One SR-TR-ATCA module is used acquring at 14 bits  400MSPS

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